Some projects I've had the pleasure of working on:
User experience design for PPE marketplace
Project N95 | 2020
Pilot for mobility focused healthcare service
D-Ford | 2019
Program to increase use of HIV self testing among young men in Kenya | 2018
Venture funded cannabis startup targeting baby boomers and seniors
Cofounder | 2015
Bootstrapped marketplace for video consulting with designers
Cofounder | 2014
Mining my first million Dogecoins
The Internet | 2013
Created a new kind of retail experience in Los Angeles
Madison Marquette | 2011
Rebrand, marketing and service design for an airport
Oakland International Airport | 2009 - 2014
Started my first company, Distill, a design studio
Cofounder | 2009
Built full scale experience prototypes for hotel and restaurant chains
IDEO | 2005