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User experience design for PPE marketplace
User Experience Design

Project N95
As the COVID-19 crisis was just starting to unfold in the middle of March 2020, some folks from the US Digital Service were recruiting volunteers to support with a variety of COVID-19 related projects. 
I came across their post on Facebook, filled out a form, and a couple of days later I was connected with the team from Project N95. At the time the team had a basic website with some simple forms backed by Airtable. They were collecting requests to buy PPE (personal protective equipment) and offers to supply PPE. In the following month I helped the team redesign their website twice.
Shortly after launching the first redesign the team had an influx of amazing volunteer design talent with Mackey Saturday, Daniel Burka and Kristina Halvorsen and others jumping in to support. Mackey did a quick and impactful refresh of the brand that Tyler initially created. Dan, Kristina and I all collaborated on an update to the website's content and visual design. I also created designs for both the supplier and donation sections of the site.

ProjectN95 continues to operate, bringing some transparency to the PPE market and helping frontline organizations source hundreds of thousands of pieces of PPE.
The first version of the website was designed by myself with support from Tyler Driscoll. The team built the new templates in about a week, and it went live on the 14th day of the project. In those 14 days, more than 1900 healthcare organizations had come to the Project N95 site and filled out the PPE request form – indicating a need for more than 110,000,000 pieces of PPE. The scale of demand was just unimaginable.
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