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Rebrand, marketing and service design for an airport
Digital Marketing

Service Design
Oakland International Airport
I started working with Oakland International Airport in 2008, and my work with them enabled my partner Amadeo and I to start our first business, Distill, in 2009. Over the years Distill created a huge variety of work for the airport.
We reinvented their brand basically by accident. I originally made (appropriated) the design as part of an advertising campaign I was hired to do for the airport. It proved to be memorable –in less than a year it replaced their old logo on all airport communications and Distill became their agency of record. We went on to create numerous marketing campaigns in the Bay Area and internationally for OAK. We designed signage and environmental graphics throughout the airport, along with numerous microsites and email newsletters. We also helped reshape OAK’s customer service experience in one of our first service design projects, back in 2009.