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Mining my first million Dogecoins

Back in the winter of 2013 I started reading about Dogecoin on reddit. I honestly don’t know how I ended up on /r/dogecoin, I guess I followed the meme there. Anyhow, I did, and soon I was tapping faucets, and making small Doge purchases with Google Wallet and Paypal so I could continue tipping people on Reddit and Twitter.
Eventually the whole Jamaican bobsled team thing happened, my heart was won over and just after New Years I started assembling a Dogecoin miner, just to get back to my geek roots. It worked. In a period of about two months following I mined 1,000,000 DOGE. I hodl'd on for a few years, but sadly I am no-longer a DOGE millionaire, I sold most of my DOGE in late 2017.